In October 2019 the opening of Park House shopping mall after rebuilding took place in Kazan

October 20, 2019

In October 2019 the complex renovation of the Park House shopping mall in Kazan was completed.

Our company acted as the General Contractor of the project.

During the implementation of the project, additional vertical transport was replaced and installed with 5000 sq. m (old travelators were removed, new escalators were added), the area of the shopping mall was expanded, the food court and public areas were completely renewed, and an additional entrance group was added. 

The work was carried out for 4 months without stopping the operational activities of the fuel dispensers. During the construction, special equipment was used, including crane for internal installation work.

The opening of the shopping and entertainment complex was covered in the media. Photo and video reports are available for viewing on the links:

Link 1

Link 2

Link 3 

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