Our Approach and Priorities


We strive to make the construction process open and clear for the Client, providing full information about the works going on site in an understandable and convenient form. Clients can receive on a regular basis detailed data on project implementation progress in photo-reports and throw online video broadcast from the construction site, access to which is available through personal accounts on the web-page of ANA Group.


We pay careful attention to staff recruitment criteria, especially to education, qualifications and experience. Proficiency of all our employees is constantly being improved by application of internship system, professional development trainings, etc.

Quality and Innovations

We perform all the activities in compliance with the standards of the integrated Quality Management System (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS) and continually look for innovative solutions, applying the best of them in our operations.


We promptly respond to the changes which occur in the conditions and objectives of projects, making adjustments in the construction process with minimal time and material costs.

Occupational Safety

We strictly adhere to safety regulations at the construction sites, and guarantee reliability of raised structures as well as environmental and fire safety of the applied materials.

Commitment to Client Time Frames

We plan and manage our operations in such a way so that time frames set by the Client shall not be exceeded under any circumstances.